Thursday, January 12, 2012

Android Phones and Google Chrome?

Hey guys so i recently got an android phone. (Lg Optimus 2x) and i have heard that i should use google chrome because i can manage apps easier from the computer and overall its a great expereience.

Do you guys suggest i use google chrome? I have always loved firefox but if im going to have this android for 3 years im guessing i would grow to love chromeAndroid Phones and Google Chrome?
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鈥€鈥€鈥€|||Personally I have tried most of the browsers including Firefox on Android which I was particularly disappointed as I use that and Chrome on the PC. The rest weren't much better either. I have found the best way to use internet on the phone is to add the standard Google Android search widget to the home screen which normally come with all android phones.. You can select all the types of programs to search for including all your songs, apps, contacts, email on the phone in the search settings..

Another app which is pretty cool is vlingo. You can speak into the phone to send messages open apps, internet, and call friends. Good luck and enjoy android.Android Phones and Google Chrome?
Firefox on Android isn't worth it. On PC I would never go against FireFox, but on Android it is seriously one of the worst browsers I've tried. Personally, I use Dolphin and like it the best out of every browsers I've tried on Android, I suggest you give it a try.

Honestly though, just install a bunch of them, any browser you think looks good and just stick to the one you feel the most comfortable with. Plus, nothing stops you from having two browsers anyway, so you can always keep Google Chrome too along with another browser.Android Phones and Google Chrome?
Google chrome honestly is garbage. Honestly there isn't really a benefit for using it. Firefox is great and you can sync you settings and bookmarks with your android phone as well. I personally like Opera as a browser but everyone has their own preferences
Firefox outstrips all else, you should know that.

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